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Ange Nzihou

Research fields and expertise :

  • Energy and added value materials from Biomass and Waste
  • Carbon-based functional materials (Graphene, Sensors, catalysts, energy carriers)
  • Hydrogen, Syngas, Fuel from renewable resources
  • Thermochemical processes (pyrolysis, gasification, reforming, carbonisation)
  • Elaboration, functionalization phosphate based composites / hybrid materials (sorbents, fertilizers, catalysts, energy carriers, sensors) for energy, agriculture and depollution (liquid, gas, solid phases).
  • Behavior of pollutants such as heavy metals and aerosols (fine particles)


Laboratory of Excellence in Science for Energy Conversion

Latest Papers

Latest papers

Elsaddik, M.; Nzihou, A.; Delmas, G.-H.; Martínez González, M.; Pham Minh, D.; Delmas, M.. “Green hydrogen from biomass towards integrated biorefinery.” Process industry informer 19, n°1 (March 2023): 30-33.

Gonzalez Martinez, M.; Elsaddik, M.; Nzihou, A.Monitoring, analysis, and quantification of hydrogen from biomass and biowaste: A review.” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Online March 2023)

Romero Millán, L.; Ghogia, A.; White, C.; Nzihou, A.. « Iron Nanoparticles to Catalyze Graphitization of Cellulose For Energy Storage Applications ». ACS Applied Nano Materials 6, n°5 (February 2023):  3549–3559.

Journal Waste
and Biomass Valorization

Journal Waste
and Biomass Valorization



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