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Recent Keynote and Plenary Lectures 2018-2021:

- Nzihou A., «Sludges into added-value products for environmental remediation», International Congress On Membranes And Membrane Assisted Processes (ICMMAP), Online<:i>, India, February 2021

- Nzihou A., «New Insights on Materials for energy from biomass and waste», Imperial College, London, February, 2020

- Nzihou A., «Biomass and waste valorisation in materials for thermal energy storage (TES)», 10th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society (AMRS2019), Arusha, Tanzania, December 10 – 13, 2019

- Nzihou A., «New Insights on Phosphate-based Materials for Energy», 5th International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry (SYMPHOS), Benguerir, Morocco, October 7-9, 2019

- Nzihou A., «Why and how inherent metal species can impact the pyrolysis and gasification efficiency of biomass and biowaste », Wastes2019 Conference, Lisbon, September 4-6, 2019

- Nzihou A., «The catalytic effect of inherent and adorbed metals on the pyrolysis and gasification of biomass », 7th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, Heraklion, 26-29 June 2019

- Nzihou A., «Unraveled mechanisms in the thermochemical conversion of biowaste and biomass. Insight on the role of inorganics», 15th edition of the International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries, Toulouse, France, 3th June, 2019

- Nzihou A., «Syngas cleaning and characterization», 13th International Congress on Biofuels and Bioenergy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 19th October, 2018

- Nzihou A., «Role of inorganics in the thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste to energy and added value materials », Académie des Sciences, Institut de France, Paris, 16 Octobre 2018

- Nzihou A., «French perspective on waste management and valorization», WTERT Bi-Annual Conference, CCNY, New York, USA, 4th October, 2018


Articles 2021

- B. Ren, N. Lyczko, Y. Zhao, A. Nzihou. A novel alum sludge-based aerated constructed wetland for simultaneous wastewater treatment and hydrogen sulfide removal. Chemical Engineering Journal. Accepted in Mach 2021

- H. Liu, G. Hu, I. Alper Basar, J. Li, N. Lyczko, A. Nzihou, C. Eskicioglu. Phosphorus recovery from municipal sludge-derived ash and hydrochar through wet-chemical technology: A review towards sustainable waste management. Chemical Engineering Journa. 417, 129300, 2021

- B. Ji, Y. Zhao, A.Esteve-Núñez, R.Liu, Y.Yang, A. Nzihou, Y.Tai, T. Wei1, C. Shen, Y. Yang, B. Ren, X. Wang, Y.'e Wang. Where do we stand to oversee the coronaviruses in aqueous and aerosol environment? Characteristics of transmission and possible curb strategies. Chemical Engineering Journal. 413, 127522, 2021

- D. Zhong, K. Zeng, J. Li, X. Yang, Y. Song, Y. Zhu, G. Flamant, A. Nzihou, H.Yang, H.Chen. 3E analysis of a biomass-to-liquids production system based on solar gasification. Energy. 217 (15), 119408, 2021

- L.M. Romero Millan, F. E. Sierra Vargas, A. Nzihou. Unraveled mechanisms in energy production from bioresources using steam gasification. Fuel. 287, 119527, 2021

- A. Ghogia, A. Nzihou, P. Serp, K. Soulantica, D. Pham Minh. Cobalt catalysts on carbon-based materials for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: a review. Applied Catalysis A: General. 609, 117906, 2021

Articles 2020

- D. Gopakumar, A.R. Pai, Y.B. Pottathara, D. Pasquini, L.C. de Morais,A. Nzihou, S. Thomas. Flexible Papers Derived from Polypyrrole Deposited Cellulose Nanofibers for Enhanced Electromagnetic Interference Shielding in Gigahertz Frequencies. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Accepted in October 2020

- S. Peter, N. Lyczko, D. Gopakumar, H.J..Maria, A. Nzihou, S. Thomas. Chitin and Chitosan Based Composites for Energy and Environmental Applications: A Review. Waste and Biomass Valorization. ( Accepted in September 2020

- Y. Zhao, A. Nzihou, B. Ren, N. Lyczko, C. Shen, C. Kang, B. Jin. Waterworks Sludge: An Underrated Material for Beneficial Reuse in Water and Environmental Engineering. Waste and Biomass Valorization. ( Accepted in September 2020

- D. Pham Minh, H. Pham, N. Xuan Hoan, A. R. Sane, N. Semlal, R. Boulif, A. Nzihou, C. Toussaint, A. Germeau, P. Sharrock. Binary and ternary alkali polyphosphates (MPO3, M = Li, Na, K) for thermal energy storage. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Accepted in August 2020

- A. Ephraim, V. Pozzobon, D. Lebonnois, C. Peregrina, P. Sharrock, A. Nzihou, D. Pham Minh. Pyrolysis of wood and PVC mixtures: thermal behaviour and kinetic modelling. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery. Accepted in August 2020

- K. Zeng, R. Rui; D. Pham Minh, E. Weiss-Hortala, A. Nzihou, D. Zhong, G. Flamant. Characterization of char generated from solar pyrolysis of heavy metal contaminated biomass. Energy. 206, 118128, 2020

- P.M. Nigay, A.A. Salifu, J.D. Obayemi, C.E. White, A. Nzihou, W.O. Soboyejo. Assessment of Ceramic Water Filters for the Removal of Bacterial, Chemical, and Viral Contaminants. Journal of Environmental Engineering. 146 (7), 04020066, 2020

- M. Galera Martinez, D. Pham Minh? A. Nzihou, P. Sharrock. Valorization of calcium carbonate-based solid wastes for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide in a semi-continuous reactor: Part II - Slurry bubble column pilot. Chemical Engineering Journal. 390, 124576, 2020

- L. M. Romero, N. Lyczko, A. Nzihou, G. Antonini, E. Moreau, H. Richardeau, C. Coste, S. Madoui, S. Durécu. New Insights on Mercury Abatement and Modeling in a Full-Scale Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Flue Gas Treatment Unit. Waste Management. 113, 270-279, 2020

- Y. Tang, J. Dong, G. Li, Y. Zheng, Y.Chi, A. Nzihou, E. Weiss-Hortala,C. Ye. Environmental and exergetic life cycle assessment of incineration- and gasification-based waste to energy systems in China. Energy. 205, 118002, 2020

- M. Commeh, D. Dodoo-Arhin, E. Acquaye, I.N.Baah, N.K. Amoatey, J.H. Ephraim, D.O. Obada, D. Pham Minh, A. Nzihou. Plastic Fuel Conversion and Characterisation: A Waste Valorization Potential for Ghana. MRS Advances. 5 (26) SI, 1349-1356,2020

- H. J. Maria, M.G. Thomas, M. Morreale, F. P. La Mantia, A. Nzihou, K. Joseph, D. Rouxel, S. C.M. Fernandes, N.Kalarikkal, S. Thomas. Gas Barrier, rheological and mechanical properties of Immiscible Natural Rubber/ Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NR/NBR) Blend Nanocomposites. Accepted March 2020

- J. Dong, H. K. Jeswanic, A. Nzihou, A. Azapagic. The environmental cost of recovering energy from municipal solid waste. Applied Energy. 267, 114792, 2020

- J. Dong, Y. Tang, A. Nzihou, E. Weiss-Hortala. Effect of steam addition during carbonation, calcination or hydration on reactivation of CaO sorbent for CO2 capture. Journal of CO₂ Utilization. 39, 101167, 2020

- B. Onwona-Agyeman, N. Lyczko, D. Pham Minh, A. Nzihou, A. Yaya. Characterization of some selected Ghanaian clay minerals for potential industrial applications. Journal of Ceramic Processing Research. 21 (1), 35-41, 2020

- P.A. Nizam, V. Arumughan, A. Baby, M.A. Sunil, D. Pasquini, A. Nzihou, S. Thomas, D.A. Gopakumar. Mechanically Robust Antibacterual Nanopapers Through Mixed Dimensional Assembly for Anionic Dye Removal. Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 28 (4), 1279-1291, 2020

- B. Ren, N. Lyczko, A. Nzihou, Y. Zhao. Integrating alum sludge with waste-activated sludge in co-conditioning and dewatering: A case study of a city in south France. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Accepted February 2020

- B. Ren, N. Lyczko, A. Nzihou, Y. Zhao. Alum sludge as an efficient sorbent for hydrogen sulfide removal: Experimental, mechanisms and modeling studies. Chemosphere. 248, 126010, 2020

- B. Rego de Vasconcelos, D. Pham Minh, E. Martins, A. Germeau, P. Sharrock, A. Nzihou. A comparative study of hydroxyapatite- and alumina-based catalysts in dry reforming of methane. Chemical Engineering & Technology. 4 (43) ‏Special Issue: ‏ SI, 698-704, 2020 ‏

- A. C. Ghogia, S. Cayez, B. F. Machado, A. Nzihou, P. Serp, K. Soulantica, D. Pham Minh. Hydrogen spillover in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on carbon-supported cobalt catalysts. ChemCatChem. 12, 1117–1128, 2020

- N. Lopez Ferber, D. Pham Minh, Q. Falcoz, A. Meffre, N. Tessier-Doyen, A. Nzihou, V. Goetz. Development of a Thermal Energy Storage Pressed Plate Ceramic Based on Municipal Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash and Waste Clay. Waste and Biomass Valorization. 11 (2), 2020

- R. Munirathinam, D. Pham Minh, A. Nzihou. Hydroxyapatite as a new support material for cobalt-based catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 45 (36), 18440-18451, 2020

- M. Martinez, X. Duret, T. Ghislain, D. Pham Minh, A. Nzihou, J-M. Lavoie. A simple process for the production of fuel additives using residual lignocellulosic biomass. Fuel. 264, 116702, 2020

- A. R. Sane, P.-M. Nigay, D. Pham Minh, C. Toussaint, A. Germeau, N. SemlaL, R. Boulif, A. Nzihou. An investigation of the physical, thermal and mechanical properties of fired-clay/SiC ceramics for thermal energy storage. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 140 (5), 2087-2096, 2020

- B. Rego de Vasconcelos, D. Pham Minh, E. Martins, A. Germeau, P. Sharrock, A. Nzihou. Highly-efficient hydroxyapatite-supported nickel catalysts for dry reforming of methane. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 45 (36), 18502-18518,2020

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Book chapters

- A. Ephraim, P. Arlabosse, A. Nzihou, D.Pham Minh, P. Sharrock. Biomass Categories. In: Nzihou, A. (Ed) Handbook on Characterization of Biomass, Biowaste and Related By-products, pp 1-29. Springer, Heidelberg (, 2020

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- D. Pham Minh, T. Ji Siang, D-V. N. Vo, T. S. Phan, C. Ridart, A. Nzihou, D. Grouset. Chapter 4 - Hydrogen Production from Biogas Reforming: An Overview of Steam Reforming, Dry Reforming, Dual Reforming, and Tri-Reforming of Methane dans Hydrogen Supply Chains Design, Deployment and Operation, 111-166, 2018


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- Re-Use and Recycling of Materials: Recent Headways. Co-editors: J. KP, Mahatma Gandhi University (India), N. Kalarikkal, Mahatma Gandhi University (India), S. Thomas, Mahatma Gandhi University (India), A. Nzihou , IMT Mines Albi CNRS (France). In pro

Patents :

- Procédé de fabrication d’un matériau céramique pour le stockage thermique d’énergie. Inventors: R. Boulif, D. Dhiba, N. Semlal, A. Germeau, C. Toussaint, A. Nzihou, D. Pham Minh, A.R. Sane. Deposit number: PCT/FR2019/050459. March 1st, 2018

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